celebrate, Hudson Valley Bluefish Community Day, which will include Open Enrollment, Scholarship Enrollment, and a free Stroke Refinement Clinic will be held on Sunday, February 22nd, from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm at the Union Avenue Community Fitness Center.

“The Hudson Valley Bluefish is a low cost swim club, with scholarship opportunities as well, which is all about making swimming fun, and getting kids ready for the next level, which would be a highly competitive swim team. In addition, we will train youths to take and pass the America Red Cross Lifeguard test,” said Coach Kennedy. “This is perfect for all those who are not yet ready for the rigors or commitment and travel of a 5-day a week swim team, as we will meet two days per week, Tuesday evenings and Sunday afternoon, and have a limited number of swim meets each year,” said Coach Kennedy. “We will also take non-swimmers and teach them water confidence and how to swim.”

The Hudson Valley Bluefish Community Day is for families of kids ages 5 – 17 and will include healthy snacks, free T-shirts to the first 20 children to show up, and a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift card. To participate in the water confidence clinic and stroke refinement sessions, bring a swimsuit and towel, and all children must be accompanied by parent or guardian (no drop-offs). For all those who sign up for the free e-newsletter, names will be placed in a raffle and one lucky winner will win a $50 Visa Gift card.

The Hudson Valley Blue Fish is operated and managed by America Rows and Swims Newburgh, an official USA Swimming Foundation Make a Splash partner. A limited number of full scholarships for the swim club available for swimmers who qualify financially. “We want to make swimming accessible to the entire community,” said ARSN Director Juliana LoBiondo.

As part of Hudson Valley Bluefish Community Day, ARSN will also be dedicating a crew shell, named “Olympic Dreams,” so named because ARSN is the only known organization to be an official affiliate of two NGB’s (National Governing Bodies) of 2 Olympic sports. ARSN is an official affiliate of America Rows, the Inclusion branch of USRowing, the National Governing Body of the sport of Rowing and is an official affiliate of USA Swimming Foundation, the National Governing Body of the sport of Swimming.

A set of racing oars will also be dedicated to the Nora Cronin Presentation Academy Crew Team. Rowing is the only official school sport of the NCPA School, a school for low income girls dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty. Hudson Valley Bluefish Swimming coaches and Newburgh Rowing Club rowing coaches will be on hand to answer questions and conduct the free sessions.

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ARSN Swim Girls